mod post!

Hello everyone.
How you see, we've got new layout. I had problems with last one, so I decided to change it.
Everything is okay now and there is not any problems.

Don't forget to VOTE for challenge 1 icons. We've got 15 entries and I'd like to see more votes.

Don't forget about your possibility to SUGGEST band, musician (guy!) or a theme. 
Thanks for your attention.


 Hello everyone! Welcome to heavy_stills icon challenge community dedicted to metal and rock musicians. Each week there will be an an image or a theme that our members will have to create icons from.There is only one moderator and bannermaker - me, paulineadrienne .
All entries are made through screened comments.

Please, read RULES after joining.
Challenge ideas are welcome and may be SUGGESTED.
Many thanks for your ideas.